Learning about organ and tissue donation can be confusing. To help you understand, it’s a good idea to learn about your body’s different parts, how they work and what they do. Here we have a couple of games that are fun and can help teach you about your body. If you have any questions while working through these games, ask a parent or an adult for their help.

Organ Map Game


Organ Matching Game

What do my Organs and Tissues Do?


Your heart pumps blood to the rest of your body so that all of your other parts can do their jobs.

Health Tip: To keep your heart healthy, eat right and exercise.


Your lungs provide your whole body with oxygen every time you breathe.

Health Tip: Keep your lungs healthy by not smoking and by doing aerobic exercise.


Your liver metabolizes proteins and other nutrients that keep your body working.

Health Tip: To keep your liver healthy, don't abuse alcohol.


Your kidneys take waste and excess water from your blood and produce hormones that help regulate blood pressure.

Health Tip: To keep your kidneys healthy, make sure to drink a lot of water.


Your corneas allow light to enter your eyes.

Health Tip: Always protect your eyes when you are outside or when you are using equipment in a shop setting.


Your bones provide structural support for your body and protect your organs.

Health Tip: To keep your bones healthy, make sure to get your calcium and do weight-bearing exercises.


Your skin is your first layer of protection against dehydration, infection, injury, and loss of body heat.

Health Tip: To keep your skin healthy, use sun protection when you're outdoors.

Small Intestine

The tube-like organ that receives the products of digestion from the stomach, completes digestion, and absorbs digested nutrients into the bloodstream. The large intestine is usually not transplanted.

Health Tip: Making sure you drink a lot of water and eat nutritious food will keep your small intestine working!


The pancreas secretes enzymes for digestion and insulin which regulates your blood sugar.

Health Tip: Avoid fatty foods and exercise to keep your pancreas going strong!


Lisa Landry FoundationThe green ribbon stands for the gift of life given by organ and tissue donation. April is Organ Donor Awareness Month, so look for green ribbons in your area and share what you know! Call the Lisa Landry Childress Foundation at: (972) 762-1505 to get your own green ribbon.