Lisa’s Story

Lisa Landry Childress was the youngest daughter of Coach Tom Landry and his wife Alicia. She married Gary Childress and in 1991 they were expecting their first child. In the spring, doctors discovered that Lisa had a rare form of liver cancer. Lisa's greatest fear was not for her own life, but for the life of the baby that she carried and Lisa was determined that in spite of the odds, she and Gary would get to be parents.

In August, after Lisa gave birth to Christina, the doctors informed her that she had a very short time to live. Her only chance was to receive a liver transplant...and quickly. Luckily, only ten days after Christina's birth, Lisa received a new liver through transplantation. Lisa would not have lived without the generosity of the donor family. She was so thankful to be healthy and have the chance to raise Christina and be with her family!

Over the next three years, Lisa went to schools and churches and shared her experience. She explained that due to the tremendous shortage of organs, many people were not as fortunate as she had been and were still waiting for their life-changing transplants. Her message was powerful and many were moved for the first time to consider donation. Lisa shared her story again and again until complications from cancer caused her death in 1995.

Lisa and her family learned a lot about organ and tissue donation and transplantation through Lisa's life experience and decided to continue to spread awareness in memory of her through the Lisa Landry Childress Foundation. Lisa had a deep love for children and made them her focus of study, receiving her degree in child development and education. She wanted children to have the necessary education to make informed decisions about organ and tissue donation and transplantation. To learn more about the foundation and its goals visit the Lisa Landry Foundation Page.